Colorado Vaccine Laws, will you have a choice?

Fri Feb 22 at 6:30 PM MST
15236 East Hampden Avenue, Aurora, CO, USA

Board Members from the Colorado Health Choice Alliance will be meeting with us about a law currently under discussion that will directly impact your ability to make important medical and life style choices for you and your family. Please join us. Whatever your thoughts are about vaccines, it will be a very informative meeting with details on what is being proposed, how it will affect those concerned about toxic over load, and how we can all take action.

Colorado Health Choice Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the rights of Coloradan families to live healthy lives without governmental intervention in medical choices. We believe that each parent and individual should have the freedom to make informed medical decisions; including on whether to vaccinate or not. Vaccinations can, and all too often do, cause irreparable harm in adults and children. We encourage each family to learn about potential risks and to make an informed conscious choice on what is best for them and their children. 

In Colorado, students can opt out of all school-entry vaccinations. Colorado law specifically allows medical, personal, and religious exemptions. At CHCA, we aim to:

  • Raise awareness on the risks of vaccines.
  • Lobby on behalf of vaccine-choice.
  • Support political candidates who support medical freedom.

Members of the Colorado Health Choice Alliance will be sharing their knowledge and experiences about vaccines; the toxic ingredients in them, how they affect the human body, and why protecting Colorado's vaccine exemption laws is vitally important to all of us.

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