Supercharge Your Sex Life - 10 Proven Foods That Boost Energy, Libido, and Performance!

Tue Mar 19 at 6:30 PM MDT
16481 East Otero Avenue, Englewood, CO, USA

**EXCEPTION NIGHT**  This night only, please feel free to bring your husband with you 😉

Special Guest Speaker:  Van Pavlik, Co-author of “T for 2:  Delicious Testosterone Boosting Meals That Improve Sexual Vitality, Libido, and Fat Loss"

Do you struggle with a lack of sexual desire, performance issues, or just feeling too tired for intimacy and sex? Do you feel like you don’t understand the opposite sex and/or they just don’t understand you?   In this enlightening talk based on the latest scientific research, you will learn how men and women regulate their libido, stress levels, intimacy, and sexual performance through completely different hormones and how specific foods dramatically improve these functions in both genders.  You will learn not only about yourself but you will understand the opposite sex on a much deeper level as well as have practical tips on how to help them and yourself through delicious food!

In this mind-expanding session you’ll learn:

  • 10 amazing foods that improve libido, intimacy, and bedroom performance without the need for pharmaceuticals
  • To understand the opposite sex more deeply through the latest hormonal research thus improving your empathy, dating, and relationship skills
  • What the real enemy is that prevents us from experiencing the love & sex life we truly desire and how to eliminate it.

Van’s Bio

With over 30 years of experience in the health and wellness field, Van Pavlik “The Holistic Sexual Health Mentor” has helped countless clients over these many years. With decades of experience in the fields of physical therapy, massage therapy, yoga, meditation, nutrition, and herbal remedies, Van specializes in helping men and women naturally boost their energy, libido, and bedroom performance without dieting, doing excessive exercise, or using pharmaceuticals. His unique and powerful system not only teaches individuals how to help themselves but how to help their partner as well in a way that is under the radar and non-confrontational. Van experienced his own significant libido, sexual performance, and relationship problems around 5 years ago and set out diligently researching holistic solutions to address the root cause of these issues which he developed into a powerful 5 step system called “The Ultimate Sexual Vitality Solution.” This system completely obliterates mediocre and infrequent sex and transforms clients into the most elite and amazing lovers on the planet, blowing their partner’s mind every time. Van is on a mission to help a million men and women naturally supercharge their sexual energy in a way that is both healthy and sustainable so that they can have absolutely incredible sex lives for the rest of their lives!


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